DeKalb County Community Corrections


***Detailed messages include name, reason for call (ex. My name is Joe Smith and I will not be attending my AA meeting because I am not feeling well. OR… my name is Jane Doe and I will not going to church today. My ride does not want to go out on the bad roads so I will be staying home today.)***



What if I get stopped by a train or traffic?

            If train/traffic is moving and you will still arrive on time, no need to call.

                If train is stopped and/or you need to take an alternate route, call office.

What if I (or my ride) need to make an emergency gas stop?

            Call office, get approval, and give details of where and when stop will be made. Leave* detailed * message if no one available to answer your call.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

            Call office for directives as to how to handle the situation. If no one available and you need to leave a message, leave detailed information on where you are stopped and how you are getting to your next location.


What if I get off work early?

            10 minutes or less, no call necessary. Earlier than that, call office. If no one available, leave * detailed* message stating that you are off work early and heading to your next location (home, etc.)

What if I was scheduled for OT and it was cancelled?

            Call office and notify so we can update your schedule or leave message.

Can I go get food during break?

            You may not leave your work location during meal times or breaks.


Can I warm up my vehicle and scrape windows, shovel sidewalks and driveway?

            Yes. Notify DCCC staff either through scheduling or calling into office, leave message if no answer.

What if the roads are bad and I need extra travel time?

            Travel time can be extended during winter weather, note this on schedule and talk with DCCC staff.

What if there is a power outage?

            Notify DCCC immediately by calling into office. Leave message if no answer. State the reason for outage, if known. You must notify us as well when power comes back on.


What if I decide not to go out or take my pass that is on my schedule?

            You must call into office. Leave detailed message stating why you are not taking pass if no answer.

What if I run out of time and do not get to all the locations I have listed?

            You are limited to three locations, but you do not have to visit each location if time does not allow.

Doctor or Medical Emergency:

Can I go to the doctor or the emergency room if I need to? Can I add that to a schedule I have already turned in?

YES. Call into office prior to going to ER/Dr. visit if able. Necessary doctor visits are always allowed to be added. Call into office and speak with someone before adding any Dr. appt. to schedule.

What if I am given a prescription that I need to pick up?

Call into office and speak with staff regarding location of pharmacy. Leave *detailed* message if no answer.

What if my appointment goes over?

One hour is scheduled for appointment. You will check in with staff or leave message if appt. goes longer than scheduled and every hour after that if still there. You will call when you leave.

What if I need to call off sick?

After calling off work, you will notify staff either by speaking with us or leaving *detailed* message if no one available to answer your call. REMINDER: All activities are cancelled for the day.



Can I charge while I sleep? NO

Can I go out to my garage/shop if it is still on my property? Yes, if attached to home.

Can I stand on my porch to smoke? Must be enclosed and attached to home.

Can I work on my car in my driveway? With prior approval.

What if I didn’t get my contact sheet signed or didn’t get a receipt? Notify staff to discuss other options.

What if I forgot my CS Timecard and I need it signed? Notify DCCC staff to discuss options.

When I call in do I need to speak to my CM or can I talk to anyone? You may speak to anyone who answers the phone at DCCC. We will direct your call to CM if unable to answer questions.

Do I have to have a signature/stamp on my contact sheet for AA/NA? Yes.


**If your question is not answered, and staff is not available, refer to your intake packet**