Community Service Restitution

  • Community Service MUST  be completed at a nonprofit, 501(c)3, location
  • Community Service Hours MUST be logged on a DCCC Community Service time card
  • Community Service time cards are REQUIRED to be turned in, no later, than the last day of each month until hours are completed
    • Community Service time cards can be submitted VIA fax (260-927-4779), email (, or physically to Community Corrections
  • Community Service Hours MUST be signed by supervising office

If you are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization seeking workers, please contact 260-333-0710

A participant must be referred by assigned Probation Officer to sign up for the Community Service Program. Participants will not be signed up on the Program without a referral from the assigned Probation Officer. 

The assigned Probation Officer will send a referral and the Rules of Probation to Community Corrections. The number of hours ordered will be located on the third (3rd) page of the Rules of Probation that are signed by the Judge. 

The participant will have to come, in person, to Community Corrections to complete the Community Service intake process.

The participant will be given 120 days (4 months) to complete the court ordered Community Service hours. 

The participant will be responsible for paying the Community Service fee. This fee is $1 per every hour of Community Service ordered with a minimum of $25, whichever is greater.            Example: 40 hours of Community Service = $40.00   OR 8 hours of Community Service = $25.00

The participant will be required to turn in a monthly Community Service Timecard. EVEN IF ZERO HOURS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED, A TIMECARD MUST BE SUBMITTED. Timecards are due on or before the last day of each month, regardless of the date of intake. 

If a participant fails to turn in two (2) timecards while they are signed up on the Community Service Program, they will be terminated due to noncompliance of the Community Service Agreement. 

Timecards must be signed by the supervising officer at the Community Service location. Timecards are never to be filled out by participants.