DeKalb County residents now have the option to file their Homestead, Disability, Over 65, Geothermal and Heritage Barn deductions using our new on-line system available through the Beacon website at

Search on your property, then click the deduction you’d like to file.  Some of the information will already be pre-filled on the forms.  Complete your information in the fields with the red asterisks and click submit to send your form to the Auditor’s Office. 

You are always welcome to file your deductions by coming into the Auditor’s office if you prefer. 

Starting 1/1/2023 the State of Indiana is ELIMINATING the mortgage deduction.  This means that beginning January 1, 2023, individuals will no longer be required to apply for this property tax deduction.  Patrons who currently have the mortgage deduction will still see it on their spring 2023 tax bill.  On the spring 2024 tax bill, it will drop off.

Following the same timeline, the state is INCREASING the amount of the Homestead deduction by the same amount as the now eliminated mortgage deduction.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please call the Auditor’s Officer at 260-925-2362