Residential Work Facility (RWF)

DeKalb County Residential Work Facility opened to participants on February 4, 2020. This is a fifty-two (52) bed facility. This facility houses up to forty (40) men and twelve (12) women. This facility is staffed and under audio visual surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Initial Install Fees:

If employed: 

$150.00 Administrative Fee + $175.00 one week of program fees + $20.00 drug screen = $345.00

If unemployed:

$150.00 Administrative Fee + $350.00 14 days of program fees + $20.00 drug screen = $520.00                                    ***If unemployed at time of intake, the participant is given 14 actual days to gain employment. If this does not occur, participants may be sanctioned or removed from the program.

**If transferring into DeKalb from another county, the administrative fee will be $200.00 instead of $150.00

Daily Supervision fee: $25.00/per day

Residential participants must receive a Tuberculosis Skin Test prior to intake for the facility. (Information for this is listed at the bottom of this page)

Residential participants are limited to the clothing they are allowed to bring into the facility. Specific clothing must also be worn while in the facility. (See the attachment at the bottom of this page for Required Personal Belongings)

When a Residential Work Facility participant comes in for intake, they will reside at RWF as of that intake date. They will NOT return home until the ordered sentence is complete.

Residential Work Facility participants will be required to wear and maintain an electronic monitoring device. This device may not be removed by any person that is not DCCC staff. If this device is removed or tampered with, the participants can be subject to additional violations/charges. 

To qualify for the Residential Work Facility Program:

A participant may be sent to DCCC per Pre-screen Investigation by Probation, Sentencing Court Order or per attorney's written/emailed request. 

Every participant must fill out a Community Corrections application. This application can be located on this website or at DeKalb County Community Corrections, 1000 Potter Drive, Auburn, IN 46706. This application should be completed and returned to DCCC within 5 business days of last court date or date of receipt.

Each participant must be in contact with DCCC to go through an interview process. This will be held in person. Bring sentencing order (if applicable), a valid driver's license or ID card and completed DCCC application (if not already completed).

Once a screening interview is conducted, a participant will be given: Consent to Search, Co-resident and an Employer Notification form. These forms will need to be filled out and returned by a date as directed by the Screening Officer. 

The file that is compiled from the screening interview and screening documents will be sent before the Screening Board. This is a group of individuals whom meet every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. (unless there is a holiday and office is closed. Then it will be rescheduled within the same week). Screening Board will decide the placement of Home Detention or Residential Work Facility for each participant. Recommendations will be e-filed with the courts.

If an individual has not been sentenced, it will be at the discretion of the Judge for program placement. 

While on Residential Work Facility program:

Every participant will be subject to visually monitored random drug testing. Drug test prices will vary between $20.00 - $35.00. Drug test should be paid within a week of the test being administered.

Every participant will be required to complete 1/2 hour (30 minutes) per every one (1) day on Community Corrections Supervision. These hours shall be completed within the first ninety (90) days of supervision or ten (10) days prior to completion date, whichever comes first. These hours must be completed at a non-profit 501(c)3 location. 

Each participant will be assigned to a specific Case Manager. The Case Manger will work with each person individually to develop specific case plan goals. Participants will be required to meet with their Case Manager, in person, as required by risk level.

Participants must submit a weekly schedule for every week they are on the program. Schedules should be well thought out and include all necessary stops. Schedules will not be changed once submitted with the exclusion of doctor appointments and/or work overtime (overtime MUST be called in by the employed with a 4 hour advance notice). Schedules are due every Friday no later than noon (12:00 p.m.). If received after the noon hour, sanctions will be imposed.

Participants must submit these documents weekly:

  • Community Service timecard(s)
  • Contact Sheet(s)
  • Pay stub (if paid bi-weekly, must submit bi-weekly)
  • Any receipts from gas, grocery, bank, etc. stop(s)

Participants can earn weekly 2 hour passes. These passes are earned by paying weekly fees, turning in required documents and being compliant on the program. Extra passes may be earned by completing Community Service, having a certain amount of negative drug screens and by the assigned Case Manager when working through case plan goals.

Home Detention and Residential Work Facility intakes are ONLY done on Tuesday mornings with an arrival time of 8:15 a.m. Participants are not permitted to work the same day as intake.