CHANGE Academy

DeKalb CHANGE Academy is located at 500 North Street, Suite 1, Auburn, IN 46706

For more information about the program, please see brochure link at the bottom of the page.

Juvenile Home Detention

Initial fees:

$75.00 Administrative Fee + $52.50 one week of program fees + $20.00 drug screen = $147.50

Daily fee: $7.50

A Juvenile may be placed on Home Detention by the presiding Judge. The Judge will make the recommendation for how long the Juvenile will be on Home Detention.

The Juvenile and Guardian will be required to meet with the assigned Case Manager, in person, as required by risk level. 

Weekly 2 hour passes may be available. These passes are earned by paying weekly fees, turning in required documents and being compliant on the program. The Court may deem passes inappropriate and will not be an option. 

While on Home Detention, it is permitted that a Delinquent Child may be employed at a DCCC approved location.

  1. Absolutely no weapons-Firearms, explosives, ammunition, knives etc. in house or on property. (Including any weapons kept in safes.)
  2. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia kept in home.
  3. Consent to search of entire home and property- not just the juvenile’s room.
  4. Juvenile must have access to cell phone. The phone does not need to have data.
  5. Juvenile will submit a weekly schedule and DeKalb County Community Corrections will approve the schedule. Juvenile MUST remain inside the home at all times, unless approved by DeKalb County Community Corrections.
  1. Juvenile will provide random and for cause drug screens