Department of Development Services

The DeKalb County Department of Development Services offers an array of services to the public that involve planning, zoning, land use, location and building permits, site and building inspections, and GIS map data.

The Planning Department administers the Unified Development Ordinance, including the Subdivision of land, the Floodplain Ordinance, land use and development through Improvement Location Permits as well as issues new or corrected addresses within its jurisdiction. Two boards that also assist with specific facets of planning and development include:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) - consider requests for Development Standards Variances, Special Exceptions & Use Variances
  • Plan Commission - consider requests for UDO Textual Amendments, Zone Map Amendments, Subdivisions and Development Plans

Please note that permits are required from the Development Services Department for most types of improvements to property including building and/or adding to, structures, ponds, and many remodeling jobs.

Proper zoning approvals are required for business operations for all properties within our jurisdiction. Please contact us before constructing new structures, adding to existing structures, operating a business, digging a pond or anything else you are doing to improve the property.  We will be happy to assist you in determining the proper requirements.

Check newspapers for articles or legal ads of upcoming public hearings on zoning matters that could be of interest to you.

The Building Department administers and enforces the minimum standards for building codes in the design and construction of buildings and structures.  They also issue all contractor registrations and licenses, building permits and inspections, Certificate of Occupancy, as required.

The GIS Department is part of a collaborative, multi-agency team that strives to create, maintain and use GIS data in the governing local DeKalb communities. CoCiGIS (County - City Geographic Information System) was formed through a partnership between DeKalb County and the cities of Auburn, Butler and Garrett. CoCiGIS leverages the shared resources of these government entities to provide a single repository for public information. The DeKalb County GIS Department assists all county departments and public users with a multitude of data such as residential, tax, utility, school, economic development, safety information and much more. This data is offered to the user in one location through a format that is very user friendly. You can also contact our department for additional requests specific to your needs.

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