DeKalb County Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM, as needed. 
Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals are:
Ruth Ann McNabb - Chairperson
James Stahl - Vice Chairperson
Matt Bechdol
Timothy Griffin
Frank Pulver
David Kruse, Attorney

Board of Zoning Appeals Duties

The duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals are described below. Duties should be interpreted as activities that are obligations.


  1. Hear appeals of decisions made by the Zoning Administrator in his/her administration of the Unified Development Ordinance.
  2. Hear and approve or deny all applications for special exceptions, development standards variances, and use variances based on the provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance and Indiana State Code.
  3. Discharge the duties of the Floodplain Standards Variance and Appeals Board as noted in Section 1.30 Summary of Duties of the Floodplain Standards Variance and Appeal Board.
  4. Other duties as permitted by Indiana State Code.