Building Permits

DeKalb County issues all Building & Demolition Permits and performs all inspections in the County as well as within the following incorporated jurisdictions:

  • Ashley
  • Butler  (excluding demolition permits)
  • Corunna
  • Garrett  (excluding demolition permits)
  • Spencerville
  • St. Joe
  • Waterloo

If you live within any of the incorporated city or town above, you will need an Improvement Location Permit, as required, from the municipality first; before you can receive your Building Permit.

Hamilton & the ETJ: All building permits are issued by Steuben County

Exemptions - A building permit is not needed for the following items:
  • Grade Level Patios
  • Above Ground Pools (ILP is required.  Surrounding decks require both permits)
  • Painting
  • Paneling or New Siding
  • Gutter and Downspout Replacement
  • Insulation
  • Window or Door Replacement of same size
  • Storm Windows or Storm Doors of same size
  • Chimney Replacement
  • Cosmetic or Aesthetic Improvements
  • All fences (ILP required for all fences)
  • Sidewalk or Driveway
  • Storage shed less that 300 square feet & no permanent foundation (ILP required)

Fee Schedule (Simplified -Visit or call for all fees or additional information)

(Dwelling, Manufactured, Garage, Accessory Structure, Addition, Deck, Porch, etc.)
$.05 per square foot of floor area.  $25.00 minimum fee
Residential Remodel
$.05 per square foot of area affected.  $25.00 minimum fee
Residential Swimming Pools - In Ground
Accessory Buildings
(Excludes Industrial/Commercial structures)
$.05 per square foot.  $25.00 minimum fee
Commercial & Industrial Buildings
(New construction or remodel)
$.05 per square foot.  $25.00 minimum fee
(Structures owned by railroads, electric, gas, telephone or cable companies.  Structures owned by cities or towns, which are used for utilities.  Uninhabited equipment buildings only require a foundation permit.  An electrical permit will need to be issued if there will be electric in building.) 
$.05 per square foot.  $25.00 minimum fee
Electrical Service
(Replacement and/or additional to an existing electrical systems - excluding fixture replacement.)
Temporary Electrical Service
Plumbing System
(Replacement and/or additional to an existing plumbing systems - excluding fixture replacement.)
(Applies only if contractor is hired for replacement and/or reshingle.)
(Residential applies only to foundation repair on existing structures.  New foundation and basements, which are to be placed under existing structures, are subject to the fees of residential new construction.)
Removable of Storage Facilities for Flammable & Combustible Liquids & Gases
$50.00 per tank

Building Codes

Building Codes are available online under "Topics of Interest": Indiana Building Codes.