The office of the County Treasurer is a constitutional office. The Treasurer is elected to serve a four-year term and may not exceed two consecutive terms.  The Treasurer is the financial officer of the county and custodian of all money belonging to the County.

The chief function of the County Treasurer is the billing and collecting of property taxes and special assessments on real estate, personal property and mobile homes located in the County.  The Treasurer disburses these funds as ordered by the County Auditor. The Treasurer maintains the County's bank accounts and invests county funds.
The County Treasurer's duties also include:
  • Daily balance of receipts and disbursements
  • Monthly financial ledger and statement
  • Bank reconcilements
  • Collect and disburse inheritance tax
  • Collect and disburse excise tax from license branches
  • Collect and disburse inn-keeper's tax
  • Furnish clearances for Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
  • Furnish clearances for transferring titles for mobile homes
  • Furnish clearances for moving mobile homes
  • Bankruptcy Claims
  • Secretary to the County Board of Finance