Any delinquent taxes or special assessments from last year’s spring installment that remain unpaid will cause your property to become eligible for tax sale.  At the point that a parcel is declared eligible for tax sale, all delinquent taxes, penalties and the tax sale fee must be paid in order to remove the parcel from tax sale.  A list of parcels that are eligible for tax sale will be published three times in the local newspapers. 

When a parcel goes to tax sale the minimum bid that is required will be the total of all of the delinquencies, the tax sale fee and the current year taxes.  A winning bidder at tax sale is actually buying a certificate of lien on the parcel, which entitles the buyer to request the court to issue a tax deed to the property after a redemption period has expired.  During the redemption period, the lien buyer has no right to enter the property or make any changes to the property.  Those rights are granted at the time the court transfers the deed, as described above.  During the redemption period the owner of the property continues to have the right to demolish buildings or take any other legally permissible action that they wish to take.   The tax sale is a buyer beware sale.  It’s the bidder’s responsibility to know what they’re bidding on.  It is recommended that you get assistance from a title company or lawyer to do proper research before you bid. 

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