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    Tax Bills

    • Keep an eye out for your bill to come in the mail every April.  Tax bills are only mailed once per year and are due in two installments.  If you have not received your bill by the end of April, you can go to our website and print your bill.  Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility for payment and penalties when delinquent. The Treasurer's office does not send delinquent notices. If you’re paying after the tax due date, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 260-925-2712 for the correct amount due including penalties. 
    • A tax bill that has been watermarked with “escrow” indicates a lender has requested your billing.  However, if you are responsible for payment of these taxes, please use this bill.  No additional billings will be mailed.
    • If you have sold any of the property assessed to you please forward the tax statement to the new owner.
    • If you recently bought a property after the assessment date of the previous year, you may need to confirm with the title company who is responsible for paying the taxes.

           You now have the option of receiving your future Property Tax bill electronically!  This option is simple, convenient, saves paper and reduces tax dollars needed to print tax bills.  

    To register for e-statements click  HERE  you will be prompted to create a Quick View account

    Understanding your tax bills

    Each year along with your tax bill there is a black & white Comparison statement (TS-1A) which compares your assessments, deductions and tax rates from this year to last.  Please review this form to identify what has changed.  The comparison statement may not answer all your questions, but it will most likely direct you to the correct office to call. 

    The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) provides a detailed explanation of your tax bill at the following link:  Tax Bill 101

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