Department Overview

The surveyor prepares, maintains, and keeps in their office a legal survey record book showing maps of sections, grants, subdivisions, or groups of such areas in sufficient detail so that the location of each is known.  The surveyor also maintains a corner stone record book.  The information is the basis for determining the location of parcels within the county.  In addition, the surveyor supervises all drain construction, reconstruction, and maintenance.  They serve as an ex officio member of the county drainage board and serve as a member of the county plan commission.

The DeKalb County Surveyors Office manages all DeKalb County regulated drains.

Services Provided

  • Provide technical advice to the DeKalb County Drainage Board.
  • Maintain County drain funds.
  • Perpetuate Cornerstones.
  • Provide technical design assistance for Plan Commission petitions.
  • Prepare plans for regulated drain improvements.

Information Provided

  • Approximate location of county regulated drains.
  • Section corner information.
  • Record legal surveys.
  • Highway and railroad drawings.
  • County-wide USGS quadrangle maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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