Homeland Security

Department Overview

Prepares, develops, implements, and continually updates emergency response plans and procedures for community, including equipment usage and allocation, notification procedures for both emergency personnel and general public, and evacuation and warning procedures. Also manages the Emergency Operations Center during County Emergencies.

Manages Homeland Security operations, supervises, and provides direction and control of emergency and support personnel, ensuring compliance with all laws and ordinances. Responds to all hazardous material incident s on 24-hour basis.

Regularly conducts training sessions for community officials and individuals who would direct public safety operation during community emergencies or disasters.

Promotes awareness of and interest in department programs among professional, community and school groups, target populations, and news media through public speaking engagements.

Maintains inventory of chemicals used by all business and industry in DeKalb County to ensure compliance with federal law and local ordinances: disseminates related information to general public. Provides direct supervision to Haz Mat teams.


Information Provided

During winter weather, travel may become difficult. When conditions exist the Office of Homeland Security may issue a Winter Travel Alert.

The alert will be broadcast on the following local Radio and Television stations.

WOWO 1190AM, WBTU 93.3FM, WAJI 95.1FM, WMEE 97.3FM, WBYR 98.9FM, WQHK 105FM

WANE 15, WPTA 21, WISE 33 , WFWA 39, WFFT 55


DeKalb County Winter Weather Event

Click HERE to view the latest Winter weather travel definitions provided by your Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

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