The DeKalb County Courthouse Security Department is staffed by Officers of the DeKalb County Sheriffs Department. Officers are responsible for screening all visitors that enter the DeKalb County Courthouse through a Department of Justice Certified Screening machine. 

  • Attorneys employed by DeKalb County Government will be issued county picture ID’s to allow electronic devices into the building.
  • Attorneys not employed by DeKalb County Government must have their state issued bar card with state issued ID to be allowed electronic devices. OUT OF COUNTY EMPLOYMENT BADGES ARE NOT VALID.
  • Visitors are to enter and exit through the north door of the building located off 7th street.  ONE person is to enter the screening machine at a time.  If you alert the screening machine, you will be locked inside the machine until you are screened again, until you have a negative alert.  All personal hand bags and personal cases will be searched if alerted by the screening machine.
  • Steel toe shoe ware is permitted, but will be required to be removed and searched by the camera inside the portal. Plastic foot coverings for your feet are provided inside the portal for the screening process.
  • No weapons of any type, cellular telephones, or electronics are allowed inside the courthouse. If any prohibited devices or weapons are found around the interior or exterior of the building, those items will be confiscated. Approval for any cellular devices/electronics are to be approved prior to arrival by either the office or security personnel.
  • If you have a medical condition, accommodations will be made at the discretion of security personnel. After hours meetings held at the courthouse, all above rules will be in effect. All electronics must be approved by office holding the meeting.
  • All questions can be directed to: or (260) 333-0701 EXT 4980


Rules for courthouse security approved by the DeKalb County Commissioners:

1.  Access to the DeKalb County Courthouse during nonpublic hours and within the Courthouse at all times shall be controlled by an access control system under the supervision of the DeKalb County Sheriff and his/her authorized deputies.

2.  All individuals entering the DeKalb County Courthouse during public hours shall be subject to security screening by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office using a combination of walk-through, handheld and package screening devices.

3.  If not otherwise specified in this policy, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office shall establish screening procedures that balance the need for security with the productivity and functional needs of employees, visitors, contractors or businesses and their employees, hired by DeKalb County or one of the judges to conduct work in the building.

4.  Employees of the DeKalb County Courthouse shall be subject to security screening, as well as all others who enter the courthouse, and must enter the north doors of the courthouse, except that judges, the prosecutor and law enforcement personnel shall be exempt but must abide by entry and exit rules established by the DeKalb County sheriff.

5.  Firearms or other instruments of violence are prohibited in accordance with the prior resolution of the Commissioners set forth in Resolution Number 2018-R-9, DeKalb County Code 32-2-1-6.1, dated June 18, 2019.

6.  Cellphones, pagers, and other communications devices are prohibited from entry into the courthouse building without prior authorization of the commissioners, the sheriff, or a DeKalb County judge; provided, however, that recording devices such as tape recorders and photography devices dedicated solely for recording or photography, and not capable of other functions such as cellphones, pagers and other communication devices are capable, are permitted but subject to such rules, regulations, and restrictions as are established by the commissioners or a sitting judge for his or her courtroom.

7.  The sheriff, sheriff deputies comprising security for the courthouse, and any presiding judge in one of the three courts for DeKalb County shall have the authorization to restrict items from the courthouse and/or courtrooms, that are not otherwise prohibited herein if such items, in the sole discretion of the sheriff, deputies, or a presiding judge, determine that any such items pose a risk to the safety and security of the courthouse, those within the courthouse, or within a particular courtroom in the courthouse.

8.  Persons seeking entry to the courthouse with an item or items prohibited herein, either generally, or pursuant to paragraph 7 above, shall be prohibited from entering the courthouse with that item or those items.

This resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after the date the security screening devices are put in operation by the Office of the DeKalb County Sheriff.