Resolution 97-7: CAGIT Distribution to Solid Waste District

WHEREAS, the DeKalb County Council is apprised of IC 6-3.5-1.1-1.3 stating, in pertinent part:

(b) A district may not receive a distribution under this chapter unless a majority of the members of each of the county fiscal bodies of the counties within the district passes a resolution approving the distribution.

WHEREAS, the Council, after reviewing the costs and benefits of distributing CAGIT funds to the Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District, and after considering all other evidence in favor of, and against, said distribution, now resolves to approve the CAGIT distribution for 1998.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, until further order of the DeKalb County Council, that:

The DeKalb County Council passes a resolution approving a CAGIT distribution to the Northeast Indiana Management Solid Waste District for the fiscal year 1998.

RESOLVED and APPROVED this 5th day of May, 1997.

The DeKalb County Council

Robert Wilder, President

Charles R. Ridge

Wayne Madden

James B. Mason

Michael Gerig

Alan C. Middleton

Thomas A. Lavin

Attested by:

Mary Bowman, Auditor