Department Overview

Personal and Real Estate Property Assessments. This is an elected position.

Assessor Duties

The Assessor has the following basic responsibilities:

  • Locate all taxable property in the County and identify the ownership.
  • Establish a taxable value for all property subject to property taxation.
  • complete an assessment roll showing the assessed values of all property.
  • Apply all legal exemptions.


The Assessor provides the following services:

  • Maintain Tax Assessment Records for County.
  • Real Estate (new construction, change to or removal of improvements).
  • Personal Property (business/farm, mobile homes, recreational vehicles).
  • Estate settlement (inheritance schedule for beneficiaries, transfer of personal property and financial assets.
The Assessor provides the following information:
  • Aerial maps of county with soil type identification.
  • Photographs of Dwellings.
  • Various forms required to declare personal property value.
  • Excise Tax.
  • Real estate and Personal Appeals.
  • Real estate property assessment records (copies $0.10 each)
  • Real estate property assessment fax (copies $0.50 each)

note: fees may be applicable