If you are in an emergency call 911.
The task force is a collaboration of community agencies and individuals who hold DV close to there heart.  We all have been touched by DV in one way or another.  By working together we plan to make a difference in reducing DV in our community.  By doing this all our community members will be safer and healthier for a better future.
Mission statement: The mission of the DeKalb County Domestic Violence Task Force is to empower our community to reduce domestic violence through advocacy, education, public awareness and collaboration. 

Compromised of community members from schools, law enforcement, medical, mental health agency, DCS, YWCA, and other community members and agencies.

We meet monthly to discuss DV related issues in our community.  We have speakers, go over what the committees are doing, network and make referrals as needed.  We also have victims speak. 
We currently meet the third Thursday of every month.  We meet at the DeKalb County Annex building in the basement. 
Governed by the DeKalb County Domestic Violence Board.