Building Permits

Building Permits

DeKalb County issues Building Permits and performs all inspections in the County as well as within the following incorporated jurisdictions:

  • Ashley
  • Butler
  • Waterloo
  • Corunna
  • Hamilton
  • St. Joe
  • Spencerville
  • Garrett
Exemptions - A building permit is not needed for the following items:
  • Grade Level Patios
  • Above Ground Pools (Surrounding decks require both permits)
  • Painting
  • Paneling or New Siding
  • Gutter and Downspout Replacement
  • Insulation
  • Window or Door Replacement of a like size
  • Storm Windows or Storm Doors
  • Chimney Replacement
  • Cosmetic or Aesthetic Improvements
  • All fences (ILP required for fences over 4'6" tall)
  • Sidewalk or Driveway
  • Storage shed less that 300 square ft & no permanent foundation

Fee Schedule (Simplified -Visit or call the Building Division for all fees)

(Dwelling, Manufactured, Garage, Accessory Structure, Addition, Deck, Porch, etc.)
$.05 per square ft of floor area ($25.00 minimum fee)
Residential Remodel
$.05 per square ft of area affected ($25.00 minimum fee)
Residential Swimming Pools ($75.00)
Accessory Buildings
(Excludes Industrial/Commercial structures)
$.05 per square ft ($25.00 minimum fee)
Commercial & Industrial Buildings
(New construction or remodel)
$.05 per square ft ($25.00 minimum)

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